Friday, May 25, 2012

Ghetto Gardening??

I think maybe I should rename this blog to "Ghetto Gardening" because of my methods. Here are some examples:
notice the packing tape?
For the pea vine(?) I had to add another stick because it was growing so tall.  I used packing tape to tape the two sticks together.  Then, I used some leftover yarn from my tomato "cages" to tie it to the old grill leg for more support. Yikes!

not bad huh?
This is one of my homemade tomato cages.  I used sticks and some rose branches that I had trimmed earlier.  These are the supports and the yarn is some that I had leftover from my knitting.  For right now they appear to be doing well.  I have other cages but they look horrible.  This is the best of the lot.

Hope you have a great Memorial Weekend.

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