Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Third time a charm

The gardening has begun again a little at a time.
I am, however, armed with a little more  information and a greater amount of time.  Throughout 2014 I have received several gardening calendars.  It has taken me several tries to figure them out.  With the help of some of my co-workers, I have learned about how bowels, neck and arms either assist or detract from gardening and planting things. These have nothing to do with my body parts but the moon and weather.
For example:
Today is in the time of the neck.  Which is good for digging in the dirt and  preparing the soil.  Tomorrow is a new moon so I do not want to plant anything today or tomorrow so I am just digging and getting things ready. I did buy some kale and cabbage plants but I will wait to plant them.

There were some plants at my house though. Mother Nature finds a way.

an amaryllis I planted 3 years ago
asparagus that I will try to remember I have next year