Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Craft

Well, this is my first try and making something pretty for my garden.
Railroad ties
I was walking one day to the local "big box" store that is right near my house.  On the path I cross over some railroad tracks.  One day while walking I noticed these spikes on the side of the tracks. They had recently been doing some work and these were left.

These have been with me for quite a while and I have been trying to figure how to use them. I just couldn't let them go to waste. :-)

Finally, it came to me, I can use these as garden markers for my herb garden.  So, to the garage for some spray paint.
Coat #1
Orange would be eye catching and I had a little left over. This is what they look like after the first coat.  Not very exciting huh?

Coat #10ish
The paint ran out and the nozzle was crooked so it was getting everywhere. The paint that I had the most of was green. So, they were repainted.
Coat #1 of green

Finally, I think they turned out well. No labels yet, but they're a'comin.

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