Friday, July 12, 2013

This week in my garden: July 12th

This is a post inspired by Amanda Soule and her blog Soulemama.  My garden is "not looking good" right now. I have decided(har har) to have cool weather garden. So right now this is day one of the garden (again).

The blackberry bush is growing well. You can't even really see the borders of where the grass ends and the "garden" begins.

My favorite thing about this picture is that you can see the fireworks that neighbors are setting off.  It isn't the 4th of July but the house is outside city limits.
That grey little thing in the right corner is my cat. 
One of the reasons I have kept a blog is to see the progress of my garden. Right now it is not well, but through the blog, I can see what is was like when I kept it up.
It is hard to tell but under all that grass is really good soil. When I was moving stuff aside to walk, I could glimpse the soil. It looked rich and dark brown. Hopefully since this is the ultimate in "no till" right now, the dirt is doing well.

Effing dammit. The one picture that shows what little I had done to clean up the garden got deleted when I went back to compare pictures. Well shit.

In the middle of the picture I hope you can make out a corner. That corner is my hope right now.  Last year I set out some ceramic border in the garden.  That corner is a piece of one of the ceramic titles.  That is my starting point. So I cling tight to the song "Inch by inch" that Peter, Paul and Mary sang.  It helps to to not give up. Mother Nature does some amazing things with a little helping hand.



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