Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making a pie from scratch

Today I finally was able to plant my blueberry bush.  Actually right now it is just a stick but hopefully with time and patience, I will have blueberries to much on this summer.
Bare root blueberry plant

Hopefully there will be blooms in a few weeks.
It just looks so sad right now.  Just planted a couple of twigs in the ground


  1. Wow, that is really from scratch! I have a blueberry bush I got for Christmas that I'm trying to decide where to plant out - or whether to just keep it in a pot. We got a few blueberries on it this year - though my toddler kept picking them before they were quite ripe!

    BTW, I'd love you to add your blog to the Sustainable Living Blogs Linky List at

    1. I would love that! Thanks. As you can tell, I just started this so...we will see how it goes.

      Sad news. I stepped on the twigs and now the bush is gone. Maybe a container is the way to go.