Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As if you wondered

If anyone wonders why this blog is called Goofy Gardening, show them these pictures.
Crazy chard
 Everyone said I put things out too early but in my opnion if I bought a plant...I needed to put it in the ground. Anyhoo... Tonight, they have a forcast for frost. So I ran out and covered everything in grass clippings and some of the material they but down in the "flower bed" out front. Fortunately, the lawnman came today so I had plenty to put out. 
Do you see the rose bush?
Please note that I did this after work and a trip to the tax agency.  So I was raking grass and placing it without much light at all. As you can see, I overdid it.
Thyme for a change :-)

I felt guilty because I planted to early. I didn't want anything to die because I was too stupid.  Now, they will die because I was too stupid to mulch the correct amount.

Hope you are having a great week and are a little saner than me.

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