Thursday, June 7, 2012

Try, Try, Again

I have had some "learning experiences" with my garden this year. My Dad didin't call them failures, just learning experiences.

1) Eggshell containers- You need to make sure you Carefully wash out the contents before storing. I didn't get a couple of radished to sprout but being so little they dried out rapidly

2) Strawberry plant- I think you need two different types of plants for them to flourish.  I have one left over from last year. It has done really well, but the strawberries weren't as plump as I thought they would be.

3) Make sure to cover plants even if it is close to freezing weather. Weather people are often wrong.

So... here is my latest.  You know how they have those watering globe things for plants.  I have some old bottles so I am going to try that and see how it works are far as watering goes.

Don't worry it is lemonade

Strawberry bottle for strawberries :-)

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