Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mulch madness

I have been excited about growing some brussel sprouts because I love eating them and I think it is cool to watch them "sprout". However, they are a cool weather crop. I planted them on March 10th, hoping that was early enough.  The past couple of weeks it has gotten pretty hot and I worry about them. ( Is that normal to worry about plants?) Yesterday, I decided that since the "lawnman" came and mowed, I could use the grass clippings as mulch around the plants to keep them cool. Is this a good idea? Harmful?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Brussel sprouts are under there somewhere
 Ok, this is just because I think she is adorable.  Erin is my "baby"of 6 years and adorable. My friend and I have nicknamed her Erni because that is how the clerk at Lowes spelled her name :-)

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